In our increasingly digital world, there are no boundaries on how, when and where we interact with content. We need to embrace VIDEO as the most engaging way to connect with each other. VIDEOVOLUTION is more than a trend. It’s a creed, a philosophy, a breakthrough. It’s the new way to relate with people around you.

We are talented, passionate, creative people from all over the world, who truly care about making our video content a unique emotional experience.

Thanks to our powerful individual cinematographic language, we can express our feelings about what is going on in the world, showing how we can be the same, or totally different, independent from our place of origin or where we live in.” Ale C. – Founder of VIDEOVOLUTION

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VIDEOVOLUTION (the meaning)

Evolution of the communication tools for all people, territories and companies that need to share their own values to reach success.

PEOPLE PREFER TO WATCH RATHER THAN READ. As the digital marketing expert James McQuivey said, “a single minute of video content is the equivalent of 1.8 million words.”. Video represents the present and the future of content:  – your audiences are expecting it  – social media platforms are boosting it  – all types of businesses are using it to get measurable results.

If you want to share values and reach success, it’s time for your #videovolution

CAUTION: not just any video. You must find the best pool of talents to build up the special crew for your video project.


Do you want to work with us?

Email us at


CAUTION: contacting us is free, we are not an agency so we don’t apply any commission to the professionals fees.



To all brands, events, artists, companies, institutions, start ups and medias based in any place in the world.

CAUTION: if you are not sure that your place is located on planet earth and you are convinced to live anywhere in the galaxy, please send us your milky way coordinates:

it would be pretty cool to meet you on your own star!

  • Contacting us is free of charge
  • Collaborating with the VIDEOVOLUTION CREW is free of charge
  • We are not an agency so we will not apply any % commission to the professionals fees.

Our aim is “to share value” and promote our creativity while helping each other: knowing each other is free of charge.


You can:

  • get in touch and share experiences with artists and professionals from all over the world
  • enjoy our international network of contacts for your best documentaries, adv campaigns, social media contents, editorials, film productions and other kind of projects
  • ask for an evaluation of production costs comparative for different countries
  • count on free support of professionals in marketing and communication to create and strengthen your brand
  • enjoy free location management, casting consultancy and promotional strategy (included free teaser and trailer)

I’m so excited by our group of talented people, who reinforce our mission to tell the world’s greatest stories by image in motion.” Ale C. Founder of VIDEOVOLUTION


The deadline for contacting us doesn’t exist. You can send us an email when you feel ready and happy to do it. But remember the sooner we know you, the sooner we could start to create the difference together.

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